Auld Loop Syne 2017-12-23 - F Eb D C Bb A G

Simple … the tune usually ends after a few rah rahs,

then it’s back to partying.

delete the ones you don’t want from the BB mgr

Auld Lang Syne

F Dm Gm C

Should auld [vi] acquaintance[ ii] be [V]forgot

F F7 Bb

And never [I7] brought to [IV] mind

F Dm Gm A

Should auld [vi] acquaintance [ii] be [III] forgot

Dm Gm C F

And [Vi] days of [ii] auld [V] lang syne


F [Dm] [Gm] [C]

For auld [vi] lang [ii] syne, my [V] dear,

F Bb

For auld lang [IV] syne,

F Dm Gm A

We’ll take a [vi] cup o’[ii] kindness [III]yet

Dm Gm C F

And [vi] days of [ii] auld [V] lang syne

[Verse 2]

We too have run around the slopes

And picked the daisies fine

We’ve londoned many weary foot

Since auld lang syne ………[Chorus]

[Verse 3]

We too have paddled in the stream

From morning sun to night

But the seas between us broad have roared

From auld lang syne ………[Chorus]

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