Auto pattern transition in a song

Hi everyone, i just recieved my best buddy yesterday, purchased all the songs that i need that are available and have them loaded onto my sd card.

My problem is that the patterns do not auto transition, i have to hold down the pedal to go to the next part.

Can the BB play theough entire songs without the need for manual input, and if so, what settings do i need to change to do this.

I primarily will be using the pedal for practicing myself and for a fill in when our drummer cant make it to practice.

The system was designed for users to interact with their pedal. There are no settings to achieve what you would like. There are however, user-created one-press songs but they forego the transitions and drum fills. These one- press songs play with a single press from start to finish and users double-tap to end.

Thanks for the quick responce persist. Is there a way to control part changes via midi and a laptop? I was really excited about this pedal, but i think i made the wrong purchase for this application. And i bought a ton of the premium content…

Pretty sure you can but I’ve never done so. I would guess that most users use a MIDI control pedal.

Perhaps any of those users using a laptop to send MIDI to their pedal will post how they do so.

Many users use apps (OnSong, PlayList, etc) on an iPad to control their pedals.

Thanks , i have seen onsong, but it seems to be a pedal substition. Ill keep looking, it would be a great feature to be able to load midi commands for part changes. Im too busy playing and singing my own parts to have to control the drummer as well lol.

Hi, i have found a video on youtube to make complete OPS midi files. Seems fairly straight forward using pc midi editing software. Can i post a link here to help out anyone else?

Feel free to do so. There are several tutorials here on the forum as well.

Thie sound like the unreleased feature called Autopilot that had a beta version many years ago but was never released. I’ve lost my optimiy that this will see the light of day (and happy to be proven wrong).

Sounded like they were making progress with this again. BeatBuddy AutoPilot 2020?

Maybe it’s just around the corner…