Auto pause via MIDI?

Is it possible to have BeatBuddy playing a song part and have the MIDI somehow auto-pause the part until the footswitch is pressed (as if it had been pushed to pause the song)? The song part would then loop until the pedal is long-pressed to move to the next song part.


  1. Rock out until the song auto-pauses based on a MIDI signal/note/not-sure-what at a known point in the song
  2. Fermata
  3. Tap the left or right footswitch and a song part is (re)started until it auto-pauses
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until the crowd falls asleep or the spouse threatens bodily harm
  5. Long-press the pedal to trigger the next song section.

Think just a short (1 bar), repeated rock out section that is, effectively, looped. I know I could just stop the song with the footswitch and restart it. If that is the answer, could the song be setup to repeat a section indefinitely until the long-press?


Sorry, I lost you approximately when you first say about MIDI.

What do you mean exactly? MIDI is not an entity that is able to do anything at all - it’s a format. Like the stuff that goes inside cables (or fly through the air) when you’re talking on the phone.

In order to do what you want, you will need to have some physical MIDI-enabled Master device (the one that has a MIDI Out socket) to control the BeatBuddy (connect to MIDI In).

Much simpler steps would be:

  1. Rock out until you pass out
  2. ???

…On a more serious note, though:

  1. Rock out until you press pause button (on the external footswitch that is sold separately).
  2. Wait as long as you wish (note, there are two pause modes different in how your other MIDI devices will act! Refer to the manual)
  3. Exactly like you said it, except auto-pause is replaced with your Pause press.
    4-5. is a very good suggestion to how BeatBuddy could possibly handle Pedal Tap and Hold. Right now, the behavior is a bit different. If I recall correctly, Pause press (while paused) causes BeatBuddy to continue this exact song part, Pedal Tap makes BeatBuddy to kick in with a fill (while staying on this same song part), and Pedal Hold forces the song to end silently - useful to end without outro fill.

I believe you’re suggesting doing a full stop via Pedal Double Tap, but using an external footswitch will help you not to restart a song after a pause.

As far as your last question goes - well, you can NOT make a song part, that WON’T repeat indefinitely. That’s just the behavior - you make 1 bar of a beat, it will be looped. You make several bars - guess it - they will be looped indefinitely as well. Probably until a Pedal Hold, or (most likely) your neighbors cut the power supply if you do it at home! :slight_smile: