Auto play + other loop/fill options

I know other people have mentioned these features in other posts. I would love to see the next version of Beat Buddy Manager have these three added features:

  1. Place an Auto Play or “One Tap” check box in the “Title” column of BBM to play through all the parts of the song as sequenced when the box is checked. For this to work properly, you would have to add the ability to set the amount of times each loop or fill repeats as you sequence through the song. Maybe this could be an input box within each column’s cell … the Drum Fill column would have to be divided into multiple sub-columns so that each fill would have it’s own cell in order to set the repeat for that fill. If you don’t want to set up a song to auto play, then just don’t set any repeat values (those boxes would remain grayed out) and, of course, don’t check the Auto Play box either.

  2. Add the ability to assign different tempos for any loop or fill during a song as an input box for the tempo value in each column cell. Again, the Drum Fill column would have to be split up into multiple sub-columns to create a separate cell for each fill. It would be super cool if there were some way to gradually retard tempo during any part of a song (like at the end of a song, as many songs do) or gradually increase tempo.

  3. Add the ability to change the volume of any loop, fill or accent hit within a song. Yes, I know you can change volume values for each event in a midi file but you have to do it note by note in a midi editor. For those of us who are not midi editor experts, being able to set an alternate volume level for a whole loop or fill would be a beautiful thing. I’m sure the midi experts would also find this as a handy shortcut as well. Maybe this could be another per-cell input box like the tempo and repeat loop input boxes and be made as a % of the already set volume for that loop/fill/accent … if you put in 0%, that would, of course, be silence (which would also satisfy those who have requested silence loops that stay with the beat).

So, basically, you would have 3 input boxes in each column cell to set # of times to repeat the loop or fill in that cell, set an alternate tempo for the loop or fill in that cell, and change the volume of the loop or fill in that cell. In the accent column cells, you would only need the volume option, obviously.

May not be possible to do all that and I’m sure it would mean the pedal’s software would have to be significantly modified, too, but these three input box options + the auto play check box would seem to address several of the features I see other people also requesting in the forum.

Great suggestions! Hope these can be implemented soon. I particularly like the idea of setting volumes using percentages.

Hi All, it’s been a while since this was updated. Any news on the Auto Play feature where I can simply kick off my BB and it will play the main drum loop for X number of times then randomly choose a drum fill and continue??? I don’t need to auto play the whole song just the part I am currently on. Other wise I have to remember to press my BB every 12 bars (or whatever) or it starts to sound monotonous (while still sounding great :slight_smile: )

anybody from BeatBuddy on these forums??

I don’t think there’s been any progress made on autoplay or enabling MIDI for songs.

Support is here daily.