Auto-update MIDI files

I create my own BB MIDI files, with bass lines. If I make an edit to any existing MIDI file and save the file (same file name; same location obviously) it doesn’t auto-update the link to that MIDI file within BB Manager—I need to go and locate the modified MIDI file, save in BB Manager, and it’s all good. So my question is, am I missing something here? Maybe auto-update works on a Windows platform but not on Mac OS (I’m using a Mac). It’s not a big deal to locate any given MIDI file from BB Manager, but I just thought I’d ask.

While I understand your concept, I don’t think Windows works any differently than the Mac IRT automatically updating MIDI files contained within an . sng file within the BBM. Think of an .sng file as a wrapper that contains data (MIDI files) that can only be managed by the BBM—not the xomputer’s OS.

Okay, thanks for the quick response! So BB Manager doesn’t automatically notice that XYZ.mid file has been modified? ie: it’ll continue to play the version that was loaded into my ‘Songs’ folder within BB Manager…until I manually reload it with the newer version? As I said, it’s not a huge deal to go and find the new MIDI file and load…only takes a matter of seconds, but I just wondered. Thanks.

It’s not presently a capability. The BeatBuddy song file format is proprietary and ithe contents are not accessible to the computer OS other than through the BBM.

I’m not sure we’re on the same page Persist, but I really appreciate your replies. I’m not referring to any computer’s operating system—I guess I haven’t explained my question very well.

Let my try an analogy instead—I use Adobe software all day. For example, Adobe InDesign is a layout application and let’s say I’ve created a flyer promoting Mr. Persist’s skills. In the layout there may be a photo of Persist, text, and an illustration. The photo and the illustration are “linked” to the InDesign file. So let’s say I edited the illustration—but the file name of it remains identical—when I open the InDesign file, Adobe shows a pop-up window that tells me the image “” (an Adobe Illustrator file for example) has been modified. Would I like to update the layout? I click on “update links” and boom, the new illustration appears in the flyer layout.

So think of Adobe InDesign as BB Manager. And think of “” as a MIDI file that I’ve just tweaked the hi-hat on, for instance. Wouldn’t it be great when I open BB Manager it asks me if I’d like the song “Pride and Joy” to be updated?

Wouldn’t that be a nice feature for BB Manager?

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Cool concept. It would probably be a nice capability provided there is a large enough user demand to make it worth Singular Sound’s time and effort (which to them, equals money) while.

That would be great!

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I do exactly what you’re doing, with MIDI tracks I’ve created myself (many of which are for my own original songs). I break the track into parts: Intro, verse 1, chorus 1; verse 2, chorus 2; etc, aiming for usually 3 parts, sometimes 4, rarely more than 4. I import all into BB manager, share relevant songs to a set-list, and Export Project to SD Card. I don’t rely on auto-update for anything. Old-school, I suppose, but I grew up with the adage: If you want something done right, do it yourself. You no doubt have discovered that using longer MIDI passages precludes the use of fills — they cut into the timing od the MIDI, which then continues on as if the whole band had to stand still for a drum roll!

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I think we all use our BB in slightly different ways. I use a mix of BB loops—how you described your primary style—intro, verse, fills, etc.—the way BB was originally designed, and I also use some ‘whole songs’—OPB—either way I’ve spent ages programming the drums and bass, as I’m sure most of us here have done. My problem is I keep tweaking my MIDI files—during a gig I might hear a fill that I felt could be better, or I want to add something to the loop, so I’m always editing my MIDI files. Which brings me to my original question…

If I edit any of my MIDIs, and the file name doesn’t change, and the file is saved in the same location on my computer, wouldn’t it be nice if BB noticed the file was modified and maybe prompted me, when I open BB Manager, “The file “Learning-to-fly.mid” has been modified. Would you like to update it in BB Manager?” That would be so useful, imo.

Lots of things would be nice. I’d like BB Manager to get into my head, hear the rhythm I want, and select or create it automatically, but I don’t expect that to happen. Given the state that BB Manager development has taken, and given its very fragile and unforgiving file management properties, the last thing that I want is that piece of software going about into my hard drive arrays and mucking about to auto update what it thinks I want, if I can’t take the time to replace the midi file within a BB song after I edit it, and then Save Project, that is on me.

Hahaha…that’s funny Phil. But I think you’re being very slightly obtuse. I did suggest BB Manager would ask/prompt IF I’d like to update any given MIDI file—not auto-update per se (I know that was the title of this post but I wanted to keep it brief). Yes, I search for my modified MIDI file, select it, it updates in BB Manager, and I save my project. So that’s on me as you say—no problem. I simply wanted to ask in my original post here, whether I was missing something in BB Manager—like there’s some little trick in BB that everybody knows except me. 8^)

OK, so there’s no such feature and most people don’t consider it important enough to add to a future version of BB. Fair enough. Thanks for everybody’s replies. Appreciate it.

Sorry to come off like that. It’s just that BB Manager still does not handle what are otherwise simple data processing tasks. We can’t alpha sort a drum kit list; we can’t copy a song in one folder and paste it to another; we can’t copy and paste instruments from one drum kit to another; we can’t set volume levels on a per song or per part basis; can’t adjust tempos within songs, etc. Were we able to get past those problems, having some way or tracking edits to songs, and then to the midi parts that make up a song, would be a great idea. This does not even touch on the crippled nature of the built in midi editor, which ?Singular has indicated its wants to keep in the BB Manager. So, yeah, lots of things would be nice.

Totally understand Phil. I absolutely love my BB and I really appreciate all the development the Singular Sound guys have done so far—just fantastic! Can’t praise them highly enough. Yes, the MIDI editor does leave a little to be desired! (haha) but I’m using Reaper, which is a really useful piece of software. So I’m very happy with everything thus far in my BB world. Like I said before, I was simply wondering about the updating thing. Thanks again for the great responses.