Automatic bass lines from chord input

I see many BB files with embedded bass lines available, but does anyone know of a bass line VST that generates its notes from chord input from a midi guitar? Similar to the way an arranger keyboard works. I’ve been looking for a while but can’t find anything. I have Broomstick Bass but it is quite old now and doesn’t run reliably.

What I use is Band in a Box, but its a standalone product that can accept plug-ins, not a plug in its own right.

As long as you are getting good midi output from your guitar and Guitar to Midi converter, it doesn’t matter whether you use a keyboard or a guitar.

BIAB isn’t a live real-time arranger. Im looking for something that will follow me live in real time.

Gotcha. VArranger2 looks like it would do what you want. But, the price is a bit on the high side.

Thanks for the suggestion. It certainly is very expensive. I guess I’ll have another go with Broomstick Bass. There is a great need out there in VST land for an auto bass app.