autopilot mode...

like i’ve said in some previous posts, i’m already too busy with my feet during songs, so even though i bought it a long time ago and tried to make it work, i’m gonna start using the beatbuddy when autopilot mode is fully functional and working.
maybe it already is?
anyone tried it and use it in autopilot mode?

are there any songs available that autoplay from start to finish?
how do you make songs already shared (that include tapdancing) autoplay from start to finish?
could this be easily done right from the bb manager?

With the 500 note limit removed in the latest version of the BB firmware, you can play entire songs with one press. You need to get the beta version of BBManager so you can load the songs into the BB. The one-press songs are different than the original BB material so there’s no way to go back and forth between the two. There’s no way to autoplay the original BB material in one press as the BB wasn’t designed to play songs that way unless you have an external midi controller driving the song parts.

Some of the one-press songs have ‘1press’ in the title. Others, you might have to look at the cheat sheet to see how the arranger set it up.

In the text that came with the latest firmware release there’s a reference to something called Autopilot mode that seems to be a feature that will allow you to play songs, created using the original approach with different song parts etc., all the way through without having to manually transition between them. This feature hasn’t been announced yet but It seems to be a feature that will allow CC messages, that control transitions, to be built in to the songs themselves so if left alone once triggered the song will play through a pre-programmed set of song parts. I have been waiting for weeks for this announcement. I suspect the clue to how it works will be in a later version of the BBM which is where I guess you will have to set the sequence of song parts…

David - any news on this yet?

My mistake, that’s a sweet feature when they implement it. I found it referenced on the forum announcement for v1.85:

Autopilot Mode: Because of the BeatBuddy’s new capability to respond to CC commands, it is possible have the CC commands programmed into them so fills and transitions are played automatically. We will be releasing new versions of the Most Popular Cover Songs packages in the BeatBuddy Library which the BeatBuddy will play the way the original song was played – but you will still have the capability to improvise using all of the BeatBuddy’s live control functions. Stay tuned for the announcement regarding this new content.

I haven’t seen these new versions released yet. I didn’t see any settings in the pedal to enable this so it looks like we just have to wait for them to release songs with the midi commands embedded in them.

The next release will have a bunch of bug fixes that the “beta” version now has. The release after that will have likely have the new autopilot feature. Basically, you will be able to specify how many times each part loops, so the song will start, loop and transition as it is told to, and end.

i’m sure it will be awesome when it’s released, but i’m also afraid it’s not gonna happen anytime soon…
considering how long it’s been between updates…

That explains some of the choices for midi controls. They made a few odd choices that don’t mimic the way the pedal works to the user but would be useful in making a beat that track to the song. The ability to specify which loop to transition to comes to mind.

I have a software program called Showplay. its a midi program. it has a nice way of marking an area of the song so you can loop it indefinitly for soloing until you want to finish the song.

Will Showplay work within the BBM or is it a standalone?

It’s stand alone. does evetything off the computer. been using it for years with my 2 piece. should have mentioned it was stand alone.