Autopilot question

What exactly is Autopilot? I know it can reduce much of the foot tapping by, to put in basic terms, letting you jump around the parts of a BB song automatically. I also know SingularSound is creating songs that use it but is that it? I can’t seem to find much on it.

What I’m really interested in is whether it’ll let you embed CC messages like changing volume. I can also see many other uses. For example, being able to control my multi-effects processor via midi to call up a certain patch based on the song that is selected. Or better yet, from within the song’s parts where maybe the verse calls up a clean patch but then when I transition to the song’s chorus it calls up a different patch, turns on my crunch effect, or something similar to that.

Obviously you can also do this with a programmable midi pedal or apps like Onsong but I was hoping it could be done from within a BB song. Am I asking for too much? :rolleyes:

I’ll try to tackle your questions.

Along with Song MIDI ID, Autopilot was a neat concept that was never completed. Singular Sound (SS) has not yet made it’s position clear on whether or not they will roll it out in the future. I’m not sure that SS created many—if any—songs using Autopilot. A screen shot might help to clarify what it was intended to do. A user could set how many times a section of a song would automatically loop. In the sample screen shot, the loop indicator is on the right side of the screen; the first section was set to loop 3 times and the last section was for 1 time. When the developers were trying to implement Autopilot, it became disappointingly obvious that the construct and coding for the BBM was built on ever-shifting sand. This is not to discredit the developers as they did a tremendous job with what they had to work with in the early beta versions of the BBM (ahh, the joys of requirements creep) :eek:
I don’t think the Autopilot concept was far enough along for embedding CC messages. Are you asking too much? Probably not however, it all depends on a) whether or not the pedal processor could perform these functions within existing limitations and capabilities as well as b) how fast the pedal could process the MIDI instructions.

Hopefully (what a methodology, right?), BBM v2.0 (and the pedal firmware) will be stable and expansible enough that SS can deliver Autopilot, Song MIDI ID, embedded MIDI CC messages as well as other user requested features.

Thanks persist! That does answer my question and it makes sense so I guess I better not hold my breath until Autopilot is released. Seems I’ll just have to keep looking into other options.

Sure would be nice to have it all in one pedal though and would definitely reduce my stage ‘accessories’. Hard to fit too much stuff when many times my stage is a small corner table they get out of way to make room for me. :stuck_out_tongue: