Hi folks
So i’m editing midi in logic x to try the auto pilot out am i thinking correctly if i insert a CC 113 on my main midi region bar 8 1 1 1 should this force BB to transition to 2/2? i did put a transition loop in BB song.
Anyway its not working ( have set BB to autopilot )

Developers are busy working on autopilot and it’s still not fully implemented and functional on the pedal. I think the setting is just a placeholder. The BBM will manage autopilot and I don’t think that you will need CCs in your midi files. More to follow–eventually.

Hi Ronny - this is not related to autopilot but I did not know you could put a cc command in a region in Logic. That sounds interesting. Have you tested it to see if the midi command embedded in the region in logic then imported in BB can trigger an actual midi command for an external device? My thinking I would like it to trigger some guitar effects I have when BB reaches a certain point in a midi file within a song. If it can do this I may go buy logic as my daw does not do this.

Hi persist i didn’t know that, i just downloaded the 1.96 firmware and thought it was up and running.
Emacnevin, haven’t tried what you said but don’t see why not.

Ok i tried it i am midi’d up to a Voicelive 3 and it can switch effects on and off with midi CCs so i put CC 110 which to VL3 is harmony on, i’m sure i have my midi settings on both units correct but it ain’t happening.
coming to the conclusion the BB doesn’t out put CCs that are enbedded on a midi loop.

Thank for trying- hoping one day this will work. Lots of cool possibilities if it did work.