AutoSave Preference Setting Request

The manual still states that Aeros will auto save loops on stop. However, this appears to have changed in a firmware update.

Last night I got my cable to connect my new beat buddy to aeros. Super inspiring and easy to work with.

However, I didn’t manually save my song and I never exited the loop studio screen. Took a break to eat some dinner and we had a power failure for 30 seconds. Came back and my 4 track, 2 part loop is gone. I lost a couple hours of improvised work that I was very happy with.

Was too frustrated, so left the studio for the night. did some research and it appears Auto Save was removed as a feature. Please bring back Auto Save after stop play - at least as a preference option. I’ve never had a looper that required a specific save feature after a recording. Even the lowly Ditto will remember it’s loop after losing power.

I get that it may cause issues with immediate restarting play after a stop in live settings. But that is why a preference is the right choice (and I’ll argue it should be the default).

Tech Culture is that “save buttons” should be only used for special situations (think google docs, ms office… and most enterprise apps, most mobile apps, etc… The entire tech universe is dominated by auto-save these days which sets expectations of behavior.


Apologies, this has never been an official feature of the Aeros, can you show me the link you’re referencing? It could be an old manual… or possibly a miscommunication.

You must always save there is no auto-save feature. Auto saving would not work very well as audio is playing the Aeros is not intended to do this, and saving songs can take some time and users may not want to be forced to wait in stopped mode without their consent for a save.

We very likely will not implement this.

We suggest you always save your Aeros song to ensure things like random power surges/failures/flip switching don’t lose allow you to save your tracks while you step away from the Aeros.

Thank you for your feedback!

I have seen several mentions of auto save on Stop. That has never been a feature? looks like 2019 firmware was the change to NOT save on Stop. So the documentation I found (looking for “auto save” ) must have been from an earlier version.

So to say “this has never been a feature” is not correct. It was a feature that has been changed.

In fact, on in the FAQ:

How are loops saved?

Loops are automatically saved as songs in the form of wav files on your pedal’s onboard memory or SD card.

These songs will retain all of the tracks and song parts that as well as the settings.

You can name/rename and delete songs, letting you save your favorite loops for use later during a jam session or show.


Never been a feature since I started, so this is veeery old, and I’d say more of a bug than a feature, or a very disliked feature rather.

Loops are automatically saved as songs in the form of wav files on your pedal’s onboard memory or SD card.

I can see why you’re confused here, this “saving” is really referring to the writing of the recorded Wavs, they do not save, we will update the FAQ to better reflect this.

In the future you can always reference the Aeros manual link in our website for the latest official version.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for the very fast reply. Not sure if 2019 is “very old” but okay.

I don’t understand your comment that this is bug or feature.

I’m requesting a feature enhancement to, by preference setting, support the old method of save on stop.

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Old is a relative term! I joined the team after 2.13.2.

As I said before, we will likely not do this. Our decision to change it was not meant to be expanded to a setting and we are not likely to be going down this path anytime soon.

that’s unfortunate.

You should reconsider.

Aeros should be streaming straight to long term storage anyway so that you aren’t suffering from the recording limits currently imposed by the record to ram strategy. In which case the concept of saving would be nonsense anyway. At best “saving” would be moving the temp-named project to a long term name, the sample files wouldn’t change.

What’s the big objection to this, perfectly sensible, request that makes you say it’s a bug?

Hello again,

I am saying it originally was dealt with as a bug, and that is why it was removed as a feature of the Aeros, it likely caused more trouble than it was worth with the Aeros’s way of handling saving as is.

Thanks for the feedback!

It is a temporary rejection based on the Aeros not being able to handle the request. If the logic changes and it becomes possible, that is subject to change.

Please note that this is still tagged #under-consideration, and thus is not wholly rejected. And you can also note that it is in the Feature Request category (I put it there) and not the Bugs category, I do not think this is a bug, rather it causes bugs that we cannot account for fixing at this time.


Yep. I’m a permanently whiny presence around here for you aren’t I? :smile:

Thanks for response. Good to know it’s not been thrown out, it was the “we will likely not do this” that caught my attention.