Aux in and outputs

Could be fine to know all what you can do with this stereo In and out on the left side.
More details are welcome

I use Aux stereo out to headpones / inears, so that I can hear the Areos clictrack. Since I use the BeatBuddy for drums, its output goes into the Aeros Aux stereo in, and - as I have no use of recording these drums - I disable recording of Aux Ins. Works well for me.

Thank you, interesting solution I have the Beatbuddy to, gonna try this way !

Great. I like to be able to bring the drums in and out, so I’ve recently inserted a kill switch between the BB an Aeros. Used to have a stereo volume pedal for that, but it was too large a footpring for my board. So I bougth this, and I’m very happy with it.


I use it to swap the location of the Aeros in my signal chain. I usually have it at the end of the chain, but use it in front to audition/tweak sound.