Aux In - TS Cable, Low Volume

Hi Guys, I checked and read through some relevant threads, but wanted to ask more directly. I added a second amp to my rig and want to run it into my Aeros via the Aux input. However, I understand the Aux input on the Aeros recommends (requires?) a TRS cable because it’s a stereo input. My amp load box line out requires a TS cable. When I ran a TS from the load box to the aux input on the Aeros, the input volume was super low despite the amp being turned way up in volume. Are there any suggestions for increasing the aux input volume on the Aeros? Do I need a TS->TRS adapter for the cable?

@BrennanSingularSound any thoughts on this? THANK YOU!

A TRS – Tip, Ring, Sleeve – cable has three connections, in this case Right, Left and ground. Maybe your cable is connecting the wrong side.

The first thing I would try is an actual TRS cable. Nothing bad is likely to happen.

Not entirely sure here, what amp model is it? Does the volume get quieter when you turn things down, you’re at a max volume that can be modulated? Have you tried setting the Aeros to playback and record in mono (one is a device setting the other is a song setting)?

Also, have you tried another cable?

Let me know thanks

Thanks @BrennanSingularSound. When my amp (Orange Dark Terror) returns from getting serviced, I’ll try some different options, including running the amp Send FX into the Aeros Aux Input and see if that works better. I guess the question for you is if I’m recording from the Aux input in mono, do I need a TRS cable or would a TS cable suffice?

Just looking at that unit and yes you definitely should do that, the Aeros is not meant to receive the load for speaker outputs, this could be why it was so quiet. The send should be a line-level signal which should work better!

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You mentioned an ‘amp load box’. What make/model is it? I presume the input of the load box is connected to the speaker out jack of the amp and using a speaker rated cord (larger wires to handle the wattage) and not an instrument cord or similar(?) The load box output side can use an instrument type cord to the Aeros.

I’m using a Weber Minimass 50 between the amp and speaker (using good quality speaker cables). The Minimass 50 has a line out whose volume is controlled by the amp. My guess is either I didn’t have a setting right, or the level into the Aeros wasn’t compatible. After work today I’ll be able to test using the Send FX on the amp into the Aeros as an input to see if that works.