Back in the BB game

Hey all…I’ve been away from the BB game for awhile. I mostly play in bands with drummers, but need to explore using the BB again for some projects. I have a new computer now, etc. and am looking for the following:

The midi editor that I thought came with the manager software, OR a decent, simple and free editing software that works with BB

A link to the user generated free beats. It’s been awhile, but I remember some place that had a ton of user generated content–some of which worked and some needed to be tweaked. Still a thang?

Thanks in advance,


Tons of user-generated stuff here on the forum, and I use and like Reaper (which is free to try – trial length is up to you, and then it’s really quite cheap) for MIDI editing.

I have and use Reaper (paid for it). Never have done any MIDI editing with it. It looks though like there is an internal MIDI editor in Beatbuddy manager. Correct?

Yes you can edit or create a pattern
Open a song
Click right on any part of the song , and you will see “edit” click on it and you come into the editor( it’s a hell but can do the job

To create:
open a New song, you will see all the parts empty, click right on a empty part or fill or intro…
And you will see " create new pattern"