Hi ,how can I back up all my BB files onto a usb stick?including kits songs everything

Couple of different ways. If your current project on your SD card contains everything you need:

  • Lock SD card and then put it in computer slot reader;
  • Plug thumb drive into USB port;
  • Select all files in SD card and drag or copy and then paste to thumb drive;
  • When done, eject SD card and unlock it.

If your data is spread across several projects,

  • Check size of bbworkspace to ensure that it will fit on thumb drive;
  • Put thumb drive in USB port;
  • Click on your bbworkspace folder;
  • Copy and paste to thumb drive.

Thank you that was very helpful


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p.s persist Im a little unclear on the locking unlocking SD card thing as I dont remember unlocking/locking when I have used it previously how do I do that ? thank you

On the side of the SD card, there is a small latch with “LOCK” and (usually) an arrow. Slide the latch in the direction of the arrow to lock.

Why? I recommend you lock your card when you use Windows Explorer or the Finder to accidentally avoid moving or deleting the contents of your card.

Important to remember to unlock the card when you have completed the backup/copy to the thumb drive.

Gosh I never realised that about the little latch ,thanks for that.