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Hi all. Looking for some help before returning my new Beat Buddy. I have a constant hissing, like a shhhhhhhhh sound in the background of my brand new Beat Buddy. Really annoying. I tried everything I could to eliminate it (well, almost everything). I noted that with the volume all the way down, there is a constant shushing or noisy hissing. With the card in, the beat plays lightly over it. Take the card out, the beat stops, but the hissing continues. To me, this may indicate that the problem is internal to the BB, not interference from the outside. I used a $60 cable to hook up to the amp. No guitar (or anything else) in the input. Problem persists with the foot switch disconnected.

Has this been a common problem? Is this something a firmware update will resolve? I’m worried that even without the SD card the noise remains the problem has nothing to do with the card itself. Any advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

I have updated the firmware and can confirm that there is no resolution of the problem. I have now noted that the problem seems to not exist when playing through headphones. It is very distinct when playing drum beats through the left mono or right output jacks to an amplifier. Should I just give up and return this pedal, exchanging it for a new one? Thanks for your advice!

No advice? Please help! Thanks.

My BB is very clean into the PA.

What amp? Anything in between the amp and the BB? Anything connected through the BB? Try a different amp to see if it’s the BB, the amp, or the combination of the two.

Where’s the volume knob on the BB? If you’ve dimed the volume knob on the BB, and have the amp gain set low or the other way around, try changing the settings so the knobs are all somewhere in the middle.

Did you try setting headphone volume lower then master ?

Hi Just tried my Beatbuddy through the 1/4" outputs and into my amp today and the hissing sound is horrendous - can barely hear the guitar signal - this can’t be right. Through the headphone output, no issues at all? Any advice, or resolution to previous queries in this thread?

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Is the BeatBuddy on its own power supply…? I had same problem when I daisy chained the BB to a 3amp supply with another pedal. Noise completely gone after I used only one dedicated supply…

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Yes, BeatBuddy uses it’s own power supply. To avoid noise and interference problems, users should always use the power adaptor that comes with this pedal.

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Hi all,
to get rid of any noise you need to turn the beatbuddy’s volume knob to max and then adjust the volume on your mixer or PA. I adjust the gain on my mixer so it doesn’t reach the tilt and that way all works perfectly. I used to have a white background noise and some weird electronic buzz when the volume knob on the beatbuddy was at half the volume, but now it’s at full level the noise is gone. If you use the headphones then keep the main volume knob at 100% and do not go above 50% with the Headphone knob, that way you won’t here the noises either.
Hope this helped

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yep no way I would daisy chain this pedal ,to get the best out of it straight into PA ,sure not everyone has a PA and still defs sound great with amp but my fav kit is the Ludwig some smaller amps wont handle the kick / toms or at least wont get the best out of them.I hope you get the noise prob fixed,interested about the half volume full volume thing.Have you tried the basic simplest things like
check the lead
is the gain up on your amp causing the horrendous sound?
is the adaptor clipped into the back of the BB correctly ?
Im no expert but sometimes its the simple things

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I Have Solved the problem , checkout my video

Found our Beat Buddy was very noisy last night, lots of hiss, it has always been a bit noisy but last night was really bad. We run it plugged straight into a Yamaha DXR8 which sounds pretty good in general (except for the hiss).

I tried different cables today and tried fiddling with the volume knobs on the pedal and the amp but that didn’t seem to make any difference, I had just bought a can of Deoxit so I figured I would give it a squirt, did that and worked the cable in and out a couple of times and the hiss seems to be gone.

Will see how that goes tonight.


Same problem here. But what is your solution?