Backing Track Audition before loading into session

Is there a way to audtion the backing track before loading it into your session? Also is there a way to place the backing track on multiple song parts instead of only the 1st song part?

No, you cannot on different parts, but well on different tracks

I use kareoke version you get a part preview there
Then if I like the track I buy it and download
Once downloaded you can customize the track to suit like drop instruments and vocals and change the key The audio quality is very good
Then I import it into audacity which is a free daw in its original mp3 format
You can do more sculpting here like cutting intros or adding a jam section or extending the track by copy and paste very easily
Once your happy with the track then export as a wav file
You now have a custom backing track fully reviewed that can be copied onto you aeros SD card

is there a way to just “copy” a part? that would be useful for sure