Backing Tracks Fail

I just received the Aeros Gold Edition and update to 5.03 specifically because of the backing tracks feature. Definitely not a very intuitive work flow to create a song with backing track based parts. At the end of the day after creating a new 2x2 freeform song without quantization I could not succeed in importing my .wav files which are in the correct format (44.1 Khz and 24 bit ). Anybody successful with this? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Aeros looper V5.0 BETA . THE BACKINGTRACK (FR/ENG) - YouTube

Take care with 5.0.3
If the "select files " is grey , you need to rename the song first and than try again

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I tried renaming the song, but it still didn’t import the backing track file. Would that indicate that their is a problem with my file?

Can be
Try a 16 bits pcm Wav
Can you select “import files” on the Aeros or is it grey ?

Import files was highlighted. After pressing it nothing happened. I thought, possibly, that I needed to re-save the song, but that made no difference.

Are you sure you have the “Backingtrack” folder on your SDCard ?
And the files are in this folder ?

Hi Steve,
Success with the import at 16bit.
Next Issue: Can there only be 1 part in a backing track? My use case is that I’m building song sections in logic and then want to be able to import them so that I can cue up an intro/vamp section, then transition to the main song form in part 2. I suppose the work around is to just record each part from the Aux Audio input, but this would be easier.

Only 1 Part
But depend how you work
What you can, is start a 6x6 and than you can load multiple tracks as backingtrack
and using solo track or mute to switch between the tracks