Backing Tracks on main SD card?

Just updated to Aeros 5 so I can use backing tracks, but I’m a little confused.

I mainly keep my tracks on the SD card so I can drag them in and out of GarageBand on my Mac to make practice tracks for my Bass player. The instructions for creating a “Backing tracks folder”, however, talks about formatting the SD card (I’m not sure how to do this - are there any more detailed instructions, please?) But surely this implies backing tracks can only be used by using a dedicated separate SD card? Plenty of time in rehearsal I would want to switch between loops and backing tracks and it’s not easy to swap cards as the Aeros is built into my board. Is there any way of having the tracks on the same card as my loop files?

Same SD card is fine.

Only reason to reformat the card is if it’s in the wrong format and the Aeros can’t read it.

Keep it simple…

Great, thanks, Quad. Can I create that folder myself manually (presumably inside “songs”) and drop my wav files into it?

I can’t figure this out either. Do you have any info on how to do this?

I’ve successfully done this. I’ll see if I can find the guide online. There are specific file settings for the backing tracks. There will be a directory created on the SD card where you will place the files using your PC or MAC. Once those are on the card you will load them through the menu on your Loop Studio. Once you have loaded them. (and it can take a long time depending on the track you are loading) you can save them to a standard loop file. This will allow you to load them faster. There is also a way to load multiple tracks to a single multi-track loop. This video might help.

Thanks pal, really appreciate that