Backing tracks stored on BB

I’m not at all knowledgeable in MIDI. Not sure I’m looking for another hobby.

Is that what would be required if I wished a backing track of an mp3 used and stored on my BB? I’d like about a dozen or so mp3 backing tracks stored on the BB.

By the way I’m willing to consider paying someone to get the mp3 backing tracks into bb song format for me. The backing tracks are intended to be used behind me when I play some solo Caribbean Steel Drum aka pan island songs at gigs. Ideally with BB drum beats but beats are not required. Mostly just require the backing bass and music I have on backing tracks I own mp3 format Thoughts?

The BeatBuddy (BB) will not play mp3 files, if this is what you are asking.

There is no easy and accurate method of converting mp3 files to MIDI, which is what the BB requires. If you can provide the MIDI source files, it should be an easy enough job to convert them to BB format. Are these original songs or are they something else?

If you don’t mind posting the titles and artist names, you will probably get a response from a user interested in transcribing the songs—but as long as the MIDI source files can be located on the web.

I’ve purchased backing tracks for Steel Pan like Bob Marley’s Is this love or Jump in the Line (aka Shake Shake Sonora) stored in MP3s. I could store on my phone and play via Bluetooth to my Bluetooth capable PA. And play along. But nicer if I could store on BB and not require my phone. I also sometimes play the chords on my guitar and use my looper at gigs as these are very basic redundant songs. Then once looping I’ll play my Steel Pan leads with the loop at gigs. Nice if I can have these on BB with the beats ready to go. Now with looper I run the risk BB does not sync properly with the loops. The reggae beats are sometimes challenging to the BB beat sense.

I am intrigued to try this.

I have tried converting mp3 to wav file and playing as accent hits but size limit was a let down.
Thanks Phil.