Backing tracks

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Ive seen a lot of request for a long time for backing track ability, 2 minute 30 second limitation per track and the a ability to transfer WAV files to the Aeros.
I’ve also seen repeated promise that this will happen. It has not happened after all this time. This is a deal breaker for me. I’ll just get a Headrush.

2:30 limit is gone.

Hey there,

There is no need to double post, I deleted your other post to avoid confusion and will just reply here.

Yep! We have not had the 2:30 limit for some time now, it has gone further with the latest release version 4.0.1 which includes an all new memory system which increases the total possible memory for a song after saving it.

Thanks for the question!

Isn’t the limit for recording a track in one shot 20 minutes (10 minutes stereo).

Yes, you can record additional tracks/parts beyond that limit, but you have to stop and save at that time limit, right?

Also, there’s no way to extend a track and record after you’ve stopped recording, right? (This would be tricky to pull off manually recording, but some might try … perhaps through midi).

Correct, only possible to use more memory after saving!

Not really, that is particularly tricky, merging audio files into one is a process of it’s own and I’m not sure the Aeros would support this when it changes the length of the track. This would also be a highly unusual feature and could cause pops at the add seam due to the incompatible waveforms meeting at the add seam.

A far simpler solution would be to allow an import from SD card feature.