Backing up your SD card and preserving footswitch settings

I just received advice from our solid support guru Jay who never fails. Synchronizing is a critical final step in preserving your footswitch settings.

I installed 1.74 in January and although it seems to work fine it still requires that I reset all my Footswitch operation choices (1st and 2nd button playing and stopped) at each startup. I found I also have to set the main footswitch/pedal function to ‘start on press’ rather than the default ‘start on release’ each time now too.

I dutifully backup every time I download changes to a 2nd SD card to carry as a spare and synchronize but I plug the original card back in to BB (which I update 1st and synchronized). BB obviously can’t differentiate between the two when simply pushing data out although they appear unique on my Mac as a destination. I’ll switch the order and problem solved.