Bad Bad Leroy Brown (DOP, OPB, OKk, OPBk in G) 2017-12-14 - Jim Croce

The source midis for this song were beyond awful. This is what Band in a Box came up with, after trying a bunch of different styles and then stillneeding to edit the intro.

This uses the NP Big BOSE Jazz Trio.

Includes: 4 .sng files and corresponding midi files, Band in a Box source midi, chords and lyrics in plain text and pdf.

Download Here

Thank you great shuffle classic

Hey Phil, do you know what MIDI notes 40 and 41 are supposed to be?

Sounds great even without them!

40 and 41 are a second snare and a low tom, respectively. Those are often dropped from Singular’s kits, and they may or may not show up in my kits, depending upon space considerations.

–drummap.pdf (71.2 KB)