Bad Company - can’t get enough

Hi dudes,

I’m looking for drum beats for this classic… I’m surprised I can’t find it already but would be grateful if anyone can help out.

Cheers guys

I can work up DOP and OPB versions.

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While Persist is working his magic, you can try Rock 2, 126 bpm

Thankyou both. Just curious how long does it take to create something like this? My guess would be a few hours at least??

If you are comfortable using a DAW, you can probably work one up in as few as 20 minutes. If you include the time to search for a workable MIDI source file and test the song after you’ve transcribed it in your DAW, maybe 40 minutes to an hour, tops.


If you have a midi source file you can get a lower-than-persist-quality one-press version in a few minutes by using midi buddy


Cheers, I’ll have a look :eyes: