Badlands - Winter's Call

Jake is just an incredible songwriter. Killer Of Giants is so much fun to play. Nowhere near as hard as it sounds. He had the entire Bark at the Moon album complete (lyrics, solos, complete songs!) before he ever played a note with Ozzy. Good thing he’s such a class act because Sharon ensured that he’d receive no credit (songwriting or otherwise) for all of his creativity, and willingness to share.

Anyways, I love Winter’s Call. I love Badlands… Although Ray Gillen was not a super great human being (caught and died from AIDS but not before he willingly spread it indiscriminately to so many of Badlands fans) he damn well had a phenomenal voice. Range, power, finesse, melodic and harmonic creativity. But what a waste…

OPB Badlands Winter’s Call, please!

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Can’t find a MIDI source file that includes the drums—just the bass and guitars.

Might be able to find something else, though. Maybe after I finish working up some Dokken early in the new year.

Great song! My second fav song on that album behind “High Wire”.

Dang, and the world so desperately needs a 55 year old man singing this on Dickson Street as though he were 25. Although he can’t sing it anywhere near as well as Ray Gillen (or anyone else), that has never stopped him before. Kind of like Dunning/Krueger with music :smiley:

If only we had some kind of management software that I could spend an hour in headphones and in the management software teaching my Beat Buddy how to play a song. I tried it on one song. I spent several hours figuring out how and creating the song. I got about 3/4 of the way through Lost Prayer by Zakk Wylde before I couldn’t take it any more and gave up that nonsense. Not being able to go directly to the parts that I was editing after listening to my previous edit, had me wanting to find a baby to punch. What I did create sounded really good. But what a major PITA…