Baker Street (Gerry Raferty)

Does anyone have just the drum track for Baker Street? I did download one from the forum but the drumset that works with it has some synth sounds. I just need the drums. If anyone has it I would appreciate it,

You can work around this by changing to one of the default BB drum sets. In the song on the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), try changing the kit to either the Standard or the Rock kit and see if that works better.

I tried that but the bass drums gets swapped with the snare. The Standard Pro.drm sounds real good but it adds some weird percussion sounds that sounds like someone is passing gas…so can’t use that one. The baker.drm sounds good too but has some added keyboards that I don’t care for. I just need a clean drum track.

You can try this:

BAker_Street_DOP.sng (12.2 KB)

Try it with different kits.

Rock_7_Song.sng (752.4 KB)

I took some of the rock beats and chopped them up to make them a little less busy. This is one of the generic beats I use on lots of songs and we specifically use this one at 122 BPM for Baker Street. It’s not a perfect representation, but I feel like the beat drives the songs forward really well. Give it a try!