Balanced Cables BeatBuddy to PA

I’m going to be running my Beatbuddy directly to my PA, and just wanted to know if I should be using Balanced cables. In either my home studio or out live the PA and BeatBuddy would probably not be more that 7 - 10 ft away from each other…Thanks in advance !

I’ve been using normal 1/4" stereo cable from LR BeatBuddy into 1 TSR into PA and sound is good

Are you going from two separate mono cables on the pedal to a single stereo in on your board? OR are you running two separate outs on the pedal to a stereo left and right on your board?

Mark, I will be running two separate outs on the pedal to a stereo left and right on my PA
Thanks !

Nothing in the documentation that I read indicates that the outputs are balanced connectors. If someone has other info, please advise. If they are not balanced, regular TS connectors are going to be the way to go. On a short run like you (Danny) have, it probably wouldn’t make a difference anyway.

OK cool, I just also checked my Behringer Documentation on line I have PPA-500BT and it states that the channels I’m going to use are 2 x 1/4" TS, unbalanced…Sometimes you just have to look :slight_smile: Thanks for the input Mark, Keith and Phil !

See image below for cable I use one end single stereo other end dual mono plugs

Thanks Keith…

Hi Phil,I run my BB with mono jack into unbalance line on my mixer.With the BB do the drums for example if theres a tom roll pan from left to right / right left with that set up ? or do I need to do the TS (dual mono)thing to my mixer meaning i would have to use 2 channels on mixer?

If your mixer accepts TRS input cables for stereo inputs, you could use one of the cables like the one in Keith Padden’s post above. Otherwise, you are going to have to use two input channels in the mixer. Some mixers have a CD in, that accepts a pair of RCA input cables, so you might be able to use something like a pair of TS to RCA cables to save your mixer input channels. Most likely, you are just going to need to use 2 channels.

Oh ok so the cable as in Keiths post the ends with single black line(mono)ends Im guessing they go into BB ? and the input with 2 line (stereo) end goes into the mixer channel.Forgive my ignorance Im not quite au fait with these connections.Also Phil do the drum kits pan automatically in mono or stereo?probs a dumb question

Right. The mono ends go into the BB, the stereo end goes into a mixer STEREO channel. But, as I am thinking about this, I am not sure the BB will pan within a song. The kits that I posted with center, spread and split configuration are all accomplished by using different pan settings within the KIT, not within the SONG. Particularly, the Spread kits use different pans for different tracks, or in the case of the drum kit, different pans for each kit piece. I doubt that the BB will respond to a pan change within the midi part. So, no, it wasn’t a dumb question at all. It just made me realize you can’t do an automated pan in the traditional way.