Balanced Output

Hi, does the Aeros have balanced outputs? I’m running a long line to the PA and I’d like to use balanced cables. Thank you!

The Aeros does not have balanced output (or input) by design.

There are a number of small, inexpensive boxes that you can add-on to provide this.

Ok, thank you. I’ll get a stereo DI

Would be a great feature if it could do it out of the box. For future improvements

IMHO, that would be a new product: “Aeros Pro”? Others might want microphone input.

I suspect most people would not want to pay more for the Aeros or have a larger sized pedal. Possible that all the current design needs is an extra connector and some R&D. That may or may not be cheap and require things like another board layout, enclosure tooling, extra parts, holding extra inventory on another sku/parts, etc.

There’s probably more demand for a lower cost version of the Aeros (with lower parts count/cost) than a more expensive version. “Aeros Mini”?

Hi Quad, Thank you for the reply. A balanced output wouldn’t make the device larger or more expensive after the electronics design / implementation. I understand that most people want a cheaper version, but what I grasped from your company’s vision, you want to build the best looper. A balanced / unbalanced output does make a difference in professional applications. Basic loopers have this functionality (like the Jamman Stereo I currently trying to replace). An unbalanced out for me means that I have to get this stereo DI and carry it around, which is a significant weight and size if it is not built in already.

Singular Sound may want to build the best looper.

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Ahh, ok :slight_smile: How do you know that there is no balanced output? I didn’t find any info about it.
But thanks for answering!

Because I am pretentious and have a big ego? :eyes:

It’s an educated guess. If there were balanced outputs it would be well documented, touted as a feature, the connectors would be different (e.g. TRS), etc.

Well, this does not makes sense. It is not documented that the outputs are unbalanced either and you have to dismantle it to see the TRS connectors. The ego part I understand.

Likely there might be some difficulty in the design where the ‘left’ output jack also serves as the ‘mono’ (summed R + L) out when a single cable is used for connection. Usually this is done by a contact within the jack that when a plug is inserted into the right jack it breaks the connection away from the left jack so they output independently. This may be a bit more difficult to do with TRS type jacks. It is unfortunate the specs for the Areos lacks that information as well as some other pertinent data.

For the few times I’ve needed a two channel DI, this one was cheap and works OK

The outputs on the Aeros are all unbalanced outputs