Ballad style Beats?

I am enjoying my beat buddy very much; but I can’t seem to find drum tracks that are appropriate for many of the modern ballads. I’ve played with turning down the tempos on many of the purchased beats such as the Eagles, the Beatles, etc., and I’ve gone through all available collections. The issue seems to be that all of the tracks want to include a driving-forceful rhythm when I’m look for tracks that are there-holding down a tempo but not dominant when performing with them. I want them there but not heavy on 1 and 3, or 2 and 4, etc.
Has anybody found this collection of beats. Thanks!

rim beats, brush work, that kind of thing would be nice-snare always seems heavy.

I will have a collection available soon based on the SR 16. It will include ballad beats.

@TCE63 - I released the product a couple months ago, and have since added a brushes kit, too.

Groove Monkee has many such beats. I’m pretty sure they are leaders in midi beats ;).