Band in a Box Syncing

Has anyone been able to Sync the Beatbuddy either on a Mac or Windows with Band in a Box?
Most of my Midi Interfaces are outdated. It would be great if the Beatbuddy could sync with BIAB.
Maybe a USB Driver would enable this ?

I checked the website for this BIAB briefly, and looks like it is a simplistic software emulator of what BeatBuddy is able to do in a compact pedal form without needing a computer at all.

As long as this piece of software is able to send (or receive) MIDI Start, Stop and quarter notes, it will be able to be sync’ed with the BeatBuddy.

BIAB is an awesome product Trust me :smiley:

It’s been around for about 20 years, and was made by a couple of Canadian jazz lovers (Oliver and Peter Gannon) and it’s evolved over the years accumulating material. It was originally pretty much for jazz, but over the years has gotten a LOT of country ( as it is in demand??? :D)

Anyway, the rock and metal stuff is God awful, but of course the blues stuff is great.

It never made a transition to a flashy interface though. It’s all function over form. Just the way they roll.

Actually, there’s a number of sophisticated audio products that never even tried to develop a snazzy interface. Just spartan.
Note: I did noticed that the demo for Beatbuddy app looks like it’s on XP or Windows 7

XP. :smiley: Not that I could care less.

In BIAB you can solo drums and save as MIDI file.

I discovered on my Macbook Pro how to output the Midi Play from Band in A Box to my Roland BK5 Keyboard.
The Roland BK5 does not show up as a Audio Device under settings on the Macbook but does show up under Midi settings in Band in A Box.
I have been able to Sync the BK5 with the Beatbuddy when playing the internal Midi Music.

Trouble is when playing BIAB Midi out to the BK5 Keyboard I lose the Syncing. I will have to play with the settings on the BK5
to see if I can regain the Syncing.

I would go through the Mac and the USB port on the BK, at least that will probably work. I’ve noticed people use BIAB as a midi host for the BK’s and that what I use (BK-7m, BK5). For some reason it’s just easy to do with BIAB. Other hosts are problematic, at least on a Mac. The surest way then would be a USB adapter to the BB pedal.

Then again, I haven’t done this so…good luck :smiley:

In default firmware version, connecting BeatBuddy via USB effectively disables it.

So I am not sure this will be possible as of currently.

Not the USB cable, I meant a USB midi adapter.


Hi Pineers, Are you planning on creating drum patterns from the BIAB styles?
Those should be nice.
Would be fun to find a way to extract drum patterns from styles such as Roland and Yamaha styles. LOTS of stuff there, and probably in the right size chunks.


It’s possible to make a song in BIAB that has an intro, verse, fill, chorus, outro, Which could be exported MIDI. One could use MIDI editor 2.5.0 free to cut that MIDI into pieces needed for BB. I’ll have more time after the 210 songs to pick BB beats for.

I am glad to see BIAB is coming up in posts. I’ve had that program for years and you are right it is awesome. I do not have my BB yet - hope it will be here for Xmas! Looking forward to exploring all these options and this forum will be great. I play a digital Roland FR3X piano accordion, jazz standards and show tunes. So looking for any of that kind of beat accompaniment. Cheers.

I use BIAB midi out to an ALESIS DM-5 drum module in the studio.

I know this is an old thread but I just got a BB and I own a version of BIAB (which I agree is pretty cool, enter a chord progression and you get a full band rendition to sing or play along with).

I would love to export some of the beats from BIAB to BeatBuddy but I haven’t played with any export function of BIAB. Has anyone done this recently and have any advice to offer?