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HI everyone,

I’ve been using Bandhelper recently and decided it would be useful to have MIDI presets that represent each BeatBuddy song selection, drum set selection and a range of different tempo settings. This means when I create a song/set list I can just select from the library of presets that matches the BB project I am using.

As this amounts to a lot of presets I decided to bite the bullet and write a script to auto generate an importMIDI.txt for Bandhelper from a selected BB project. This saves an awful lot of time manually creating presets. As I am a Windows user this is VBScript and tested on Windows 10

Whilst this comes with no guarantees or official support I thought it would be good to share. Happy to tweak it if anyone needs anything different or has better ideas for it, but that will all be on a best endeavours basis as I’ve tested this now and the script for me does exactly what I need :slight_smile:

Extract the VBS files from the attached and save it to [FONT=Courier New]\user_lib\projects[/FONT] and simply double -click to execute it. It should be pretty obvious what its doing when you see it in action :slight_smile:



Hi Chris,
Thank you for posting this and for your generosity in sharing the script! i would like to give it a try, but the forum site isn’t allowing download (says ‘This attachment cannot be shown at this time. Please try back later.’) Can you send it to me via PM or perhaps e-mail?



you may wish to report this to the mods, not sure why attachments would disappear but I couldn’t download it either. I have reattached it here. As this isn’t really a resource for the beatbuddy itself there isn’t an appropriate place in that section of the site I can locate this.

I have just also been working out how to create presets for Tempo increment and Tempo decrement and had been considering doing the same for Volume, however the Bandhelper controls seems to only effect the app and the mobile device volume and you cannot link MIDI presets to them to send to the beatbuddy. So the best you can do is have a layout that allows for multiple MIDI buttons and then keep tapping them repeatedly to change these beat buddy settings. I may post elsewhere about this, perhaps on the Bandhelper forum for a possible enhancement

PS: I realise there is no Volume increment/decrement signal to send the beatbuddy you can only send specific volume values…e.g 60%, 90% etc… I wonder therefore how this would work with an expression pedal? I thought I had seen it working with the behringer FCB1010 in a video?

The mod is aware of the issue:

Thanks Chris! (and Persist) - I was able to grab the file and will give it a go.
I agree it would be great if Arlo at BandHelper could tweak the app a bit to allow the native tempo control to work without having to send tempo as a preset as he describes here (which you’ve no doubt seen)

On the volume control, you probably saw the BBMVC?

Thanks. no I hadn’t seen Arlo’s post and think I’d worked most things out before, but on the tempo front I think it worth me reviewing his notes!

Great Link thanks for posting it. Loved that Arlo took the time to layout the procedures for all that. I have to go over all my setups because for some reason my tempo, volume, and other events (anything involving RAW MIDI) stopped working. Selecting songs in BB still works. I’m going to use that link and go over all my settings with what Arlo wrote out. something changed.

see my conversation with Arlo on his thread, hopefully it will avoid you pulling your hair out and wondering what is going on :slight_smile:

Yes thank you that’s a big help

Hi, can you tell me if the attachment is still available for this post? I can’t find it (probably right in front of me (again)).

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I would also like the script if available :slight_smile:

I will take a look and try to dig it out for you and post again…I stopped using it as decided to write as a Java app…just for my own amusement…yes I am nerdy and I don’t care! :grin:

PS: the tempo midi presets aren’t necessary any longer as BandHelper will send whatever is in the song setting to the bb now.

OK so bear in mind this may or may not cause some security alerts with your firewall and anti-virus given you are downloading a Windows script that has potential to do whatever you let it to your Windows PC.

Any concerns look through the script and you can examine what it is doing for yourself
You may adapt the script yourself to your own needs. Don’t pick my code apart I am not looking for a coding lesson :slight_smile:

Open the ZIP file posted by @persist below, extract the contents and place the VBS file into the “projects” folder of your BB Workspace and then double click to execute it.

Also worth bearing in mind I have not reviewed Arlo’s Bandhelper input format recently, so not sure if anything major has changed but hopefully the file generated for import will still work for you.

The forum allows only certain file types so the best way to upload a file to this forum is to zip it. If this file is what you intended to upload, please delete your post above with the full script.
Thanks. (5.8 KB)

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Hi persist, that looks right. Do you have an archive somewhere? :wink:

Maybe I’m missing something but I couldn’t find the upload option I could only see where to share a link.

Yes the file you uploaded looks the same as the code posted, so I will remove that.


The arrow in the screen shot points to the upload button.
Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 5.51.27 PM

Hmmmmm…feeling stupid. I clearly see that now from my iPad but I couldn’t spot it when I was at my PC! No idea why! :roll_eyes: