Bandmanager midi volume control of BB

I’m using Bandmanager to select patches and set tempo on the BB on song selection, but I could use an on screen volume control of some sort. I don’t think Bandmanger has any sort of variable controls that can just send a volume level, but increase and decrease buttons should be possible. However the CC commands to do this as described in the BB manual using “Non-Registered Parameter Number” are a bit of a mystery to me. Has anyone successfully done this (or something similar)?

Many thanks

Hey there!

I think you may be reading the wrong part of manual, MIDI volume control is pretty straightforward, send a value from 0-100 of CC:108 to set the BeatBuddy volume to that amount. So to set the BB to volume 50, I would send CC:108 value 50

Does this help?

Thanks for your reply. Yes I understand that I can send an absolute value to the BB, but I really just want to be able to adjust the volume level on the fly from my tablet. Ideally there would be a slider type control in Bandmanager that could send a range of values to CC:108, but I don’t think it can do that. So what I was trying to do was create two buttons, one to increase the volume and the other to decrease.

From the manual it looks like you can control tempo in that way so I wondered if it was also possible with volume