Bar counting ...

What I’d like to see is a ‘bar count’ in BIG numerals on the top line left side of the display. This would mean that
the static song title would have to be reduced in size and placed elsewhere.

I find it hard to keep track of the number of bars as I’m multi-tasking enough as it is. This would ensure that I can
poke a fill / accent on the right bar. I’m open to suggestions on how to achieve this by any other means.

I think there’s a feature coming up that will have a progress bar for long main parts

Thanks for the reply aashideacon.
Somehow I don’t think a progress bar will provide the accuracy I require unless it also displays
a numeric indicator.

To expand on my requirements … I’m recording into my recording desk to stereo tracks to lay down a
stucture of a song then I play other instruments to other tracks while playing back the beat tracks for timing.

So, initially just following the BB without any other reference, as you say “on long parts” is tricky.