Base plate screws?

What size screws do I need for the base plate? The screws that came with it no longer engage with the socket threads. The screws don’t appear stripped, but they slide into the holes and, once in, don’t want to come out again. They turn freely in the sockets, but don’t screw out.

Sounds like the screw holes are stripped.

  • You can try putting the tip of a toothpick in each hole and see if the screw will “bite” into the wood and snug it up.
  • Or, take the pedal to a hardware store and see if you can find a lightly larger diameter screw that will fit.

I’ve been to two hardware stores; I’m pretty sure 6/32 is the right thickness, but every screw I looked at has threads that are too coarse. I hadn’t thought of the toothpick thing, though; thanks.