Basic Question

I’m about to order a beatbuddy but I have a question… It seems like tapping the pedal is the only way to advance through the different parts of a song. Is there a way to program a whole song - start to finish with different parts - and then just have it play through all the different sections correctly without having to use the pedal during the song?


Yes, you can. The latest firmware and beta BeatBuddy Manager allow you to play songs all the way through with just a single press of the pedal. These songs are enabled via the beta BBM application. Another great feature is the ability to include bass within these one-press songs. Do consider getting a remote foot switch with the pedal.

well, not quite there yet, right?
i mean there are a few songs available like that, but well, just a few?
i very much hope to be wrong though, so please correct me if i am.

Easy enough for SLW to check what’s available in the Resources section and decide iif what’s there is “enough.” I think the important thing to keep in mind though is that a couple of users have said they are sitting on a number of one-press songs and are awaiting the release of the updated BBM to make their songs available.