Bass amp

I have my BB and im wondering what amp would be best for the drummer? Im told a 50w bass amp would be more than adequate. Looking for suggestions.

I run the BB through my PA system in stereo and have no complaints with the sound. Good luck on your search.

Keyboard amp, bass amp, PA, Roland or Simmons drum amp are all good. The key is to have a full range, flat response amp that is designed to not color the sound like a guitar amp does.

I use my pa system now also. Im just trying to find a way of not having to drag that stuff yet not sacrifice drum sound at small venues. Call me lazy but i am 70 now. Lol


Keyboard or bass amp, for sure.

We use a cheap PA for the highs and it has an output for a subwoofer that we run to a bass amp to cover the lows. Works pretty well once you get it adjusted

The Alesis Strike 12 is both powerful and affordable. You can really crank it. You have to remember to setup your output to mono or stereo depending on how many cables you’re using

Have you tried the Alesis 12?

No, but the Alesis is a rebranded Alto TS series, and I have two sets of those: Two of the original TS110s and a brand new pair of TS308s. Like them both very much

I think the 12s would be perfect. I would definitely buy the Altos over the Alesis or Headrush (also the same unit), though, because the Altos include a microphone pre-amp on their input (making them more flexible) where the Headrush and (I believe) the Alesis versions do not. They are all around the same price if you’re looking at the same size.

You might also consider the TS315s, as they should give you a better kick drum. I normally stay away from 15s, because I find them a bit soft in the mids, but, for drums, they should rock.

I am using the Peavey DM12 Dar Matter now and i have 2 of them. Sounds awesome however i dont want to be dragging those hugh things around anymore. Being 70 doesnt agree with that. Looking for something with a punch but much lighter. Lost in my decision as to what to buy.

How big a room are you looking to play? I ask because the TS308s are small but sound way bigger than their size. Tons of bottom and get pretty loud. I believe they MIGHT be enough for most small rooms, and I also think the TS310s, which are a bit bigger (but smaller than the 12s) are almost certainly enough for most things.

for outdoor gigs I run it through the pa, for indoor or porch jamming I have a Bose portable pa. base and tower. it will run a mic,an acoustic guitar and the beatbuddy

Ive experieimented with my acoustic amp and blew a chip. Cost me 150.00 to get fixed. 1/2 of a proper amp. Listen learnt.

I have the peavey dark matter series dm112 and it has an awesome sound. Just a little cumbersome to be dragging around. Call me lazy but it doesnt help when your older. Lol

Then definitely kook at the Alto TS series. A pair of TS308s weigh the same as a single DM and take up about the same amount of space in your trunk. Added bonus: your BB will come at you in stereo!

Thks joel

Very happy with the sound I get from my Bose S1pro. Light and manageable plus battery powered when there’s no mains. :+1:t2: