bass drum stomp feature...

i was just thinking about getting something like the stomper in the videos for my solo performances (acoustic guitar and vocals)…
did some more thinking and…
"hmm, i wonder if the beatbuddy can be set up like that?)
there have been some threads in this forum about stompers that work with the beatbuddy (including the one intended for the beatbuddy) and maybe any stomper could be used to do this…?
just curious and excited, cause if possible, that would be another really cool feature for the beatbuddy… :slight_smile:

Yes, this is possible, but it does take just a bit of setup.
[]You will need a BeatBuddy compatible footswitch.
]You need to select a beat that has a bass drum as the accent hit. Most don’t. In fact, I can’t think of one that does, and I’ve never seen one that does. Most beats have things like cymbals assigned to the accent hit. It’s very easy using BeatBuddy Manager to change the accent hit for a beat, or copy a beat to create a new one with a bass drum accent hit. When you do this, you will have the option of selecting from many bass drum sounds to use as an accent including, if you have it installed, something like a cajon or djembe bass sound. If you can get a sample of this exact stomp box, you could even set the accent hit to that sample!
[]Synchronize the project to your BeatBuddy.
]On your BeatBuddy, go to the settings (hold down Drum Set and Tempo simultaneously), then go to Settings > Footswitch > Footswitch Functions > First Switch Stopped. Make sure it’s set to play the Accent Hit.
[]On your BeatBuddy, select the beat that has your selected bass drum, cajon, djembe, or whatever as the accent hit sound.
Now, you can use your beat buddy like a stomp box. It’s a bit of overkill, but you can do it. It’s not too unreasonable actually. I’ve seen ultra deluxe stomp boxes that cost north of $250 and don’t give you as much flexibility as the BB.

ok, thanx :slight_smile:
seems complicated, but now at least i know it’s an option :slight_smile:
what pedals would be most suitable for this?
i know (for example) the boss fs-5u is mentioned here a lot…

Hi, I bought the BB with this particular use in mind, knowing I could also use it as a First Class drum machine.
I find the supplied accent pedal, to high off the ground and flat, for prolonged Live triggering, and the buttons are to close for this use as well.
Also the Accent hit is not layered or rotated using 15 samples, but a single sample is used, therefore it does not have that Live variation that sold me on the Drum machine straight away.
I am optimistic, that i will use it for Live triggering as it is being improved all the time.
Also the addition of MIDI has opened up a whole new world of triggering options, if you don’t mind using a MIDI Pedal-Board.

I did this! I just googled “kick drum wav”, downloaded it, exported the first Blues beat, renamed it kick drum, imported it, changed the accent hit the wav I downloaded, and BOOM. Literally. Works awesome. Way easier than carrying a damn kick drum around like I see so many do. … And so many more options in addition.

One thing you could do is use something like a midi solutions footswitch controller to send an appropriate midi note on message each time you hit the switch that is plugged into it. However you can probably buy a midi footswitch controller for what the midi solutions unit and a footswitch would cost. Or, if you’re me, you’d build one out of an arduino. I can probably throw a circuit diagram and code together if anyone cares although it’d be untested as I am in the middle of another project right now.