Bass Guitar Patterns BeatBuddy & obedience external MIDI Chord to the changes of the musical key ?

Bass Guitar Patterns inwardly can BeatBuddy be obedient and to play this Bass pattern within the limits of the musical key of every change of sequence of chords in real time leaning from the external MIDI cursor of the key ? For example : do I play the chords of Am - F - G - Em, and Bass Pattern BeatBuddy plays the picture, sticking to changes with me in one key in one the fate - obeying a group, my External MIDI to the chords, as it is obediently done by Yamaha PSR for their Drum & Bass Patterns Styles, when do I play the a chord keyboard leave arm ?

No, if you want the beat buddy to play bass, you have to program the bass parts via midi files in the specific key ahead of time.

it badly… And in the future are there plans at BeatBuddy for such decision?

soon you will be able to control the beatbuddy remotely via midi, so i can imagine a scenario to get what you want.

it very well! when BB will give to the users such new firmware, and this my question will be decided, that I will be able to buy BB for itself, to play a free jam with a virtual bassist inwardly BeatBuddy . that will obediently play up to to me my MIDI guitar square in real time, leaning against the basic keys of every my chord!

I don’t want to turn you away from getting a beatbuddy but the Digitech Trio might be better suited to your needs.

No. Digitech Trio does not have MIDI SYNH, and his dirigibility is very relative, is he a bit artist. The best, that I have presently - this Yamaha QY - 70 & Yamaha MFC10. I search alternative variants to use together or independently. I like the living sound of BeatBuddy, it is compact, but I need his obedient to me bass in real time, because I never use the beforehand prepared record, I want always to play living.