Bass kit for piano left hand doubling (no drums)

This kit is what I use to double bass lines played with my left hand when I’m doing solo piano gigs.
To use it: take MIDI out from your keyboard to MIDI in of Beat Buddy. Play normally.
When you play notes below middle C, the bass sounds follow you.
The magic is that the highest octave of the bass samples is feathered, so that the bass sound crossfades out as you go up, and it’s full volume in the lower octaves where bass belongs.

It works well with both grand piano and Rhodes - particularly to beef up a Rhodes sound in the low octave whether you are playing bass lines as a solo player or chords with a band.

Unlike a true keyboard split - where it switches sounds abruptly when you cross over, or a true double without the volume feathering, or playing bass lines on a separate keyboard, this solution allows someone used to using the octave below middle C for chords and solos and non-bass-line parts to do true two handed playing but still get a much stronger bottom end when the low octaves are used for lines that would normally be played by a bass player.

The kit is called P_Bass_piano_left_hand and it’s available for download here.

There’s room in the bottom octave (0-32) to shift drum sounds down there, and someone that needed the bass double feature and drum parts could take drum sequences and map all the notes down to that lower octave. Similarly, someone that needed that option could pan the bass samples left and the drum sounds right and have two truly independent outputs.

Much of what I play has tempos that breathe so I haven’t used the Beat Buddy as a drum box…but now that I have figured out how to use it as a bass doubler that works better than any other option, it’s going with me on every gig.


I love how people hack the features of this thing to their own needs. It’s great that the device and MIDI itself is open enough for you to be able to do that.