Bass Lines

I read somewhere here on the Forum that Beat Body Manager will now respond to note on and note off commands. I experimented with this found that it does respond to note duration. My bass lines now sound the way the should when played in Beat Buddy Manager however It seems as though this feature has not been added to the pedal. When syncing the songs and drum kits to the pedal the bass notes still ring over each other. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. The songs played on the pedal do not play the same as on Beat Buddy Manager. Is there a firmware update in the works to add this feature to the pedal?

Another thing to try here, go in and edit the drumset, setting all of the bass instruments to the same choke group (separate obviously from any of the other choke groups already in use) and then set the Polyphony to 1 on each. This will stop any bass note from continuing to ring out as soon as another bass note is triggered to play by your midi.

I have done all those things. Like I said in the original post, the bass lines play perfectly in Beat Buddy Manager but not on the pedal. I have all bass notes in the same choke group, polyphony set to 1, Instrument type set to non-percussion. I have saved all theses changes to the drum kit. I have even deleted the contents of the Sd card and reloaded the kits just to make sure the kits on the pedal were the same as those in Beat Buddy Manager. I’m using firmware 1.85 and version1.6.4.1 on Beat Buddy Manager. If anyone else has had success with Bass lines responding to note off commands on the pedal, tell me what I am doing wrong.

You need firmware greater than 1.8.5. Contact Persist, he may be able to help you with a beta firmware greater than 1.8.5