Bass needs tuning

first drums and bass songs I grabbed from here but when I play my software instruments even though they at tuned to 440hz on my keys the bass lines in drums in bass songs are definitely out of tune how the heck to we adjust that. I am currently playing these through the computer app and haven’t tried to copy them to the actual foot switch yet unless i screw something up

There is no adjustment. The samples for bass are recorded wav files. You can record new wav file using a bass, or using a bass instrument inside of a DAW, and then replace the basses. If you are using one of my kits, all of the basses were recorded out of Logic Pro X and the tuning was set at A440.

All drum sets or any one in particular?

Drums n Bass it says

That’s because there are no bass guitar notes in the Drums & Bass drum set :crazy_face:. If you’re using OPB (one-press bass) songs, you’ll have to use the drum set suggested for the song. When you first import the OPB song, the drum set will be identified in the Default Drum Set and if the the drum set has not been imported and activated in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), it will have an asterisk in front of the drum set name. If you are not using OPB songs and are trying to play bass guitar notes back through your BeatBuddy, you’ll still need to have a drum set with bass active in your BBM.

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