Bass notes increase in volume?

I spoke to a couple of users privately on the forum regarding this one and they hadn’t seen it before. I’m currently running BBM v1.6.5.0 on Windows 10. Occasionally I get an issue where if I have consecutive bass notes in a row of the same pitch, the volume will increase on the notes, even if I drop the velocity.

Here is an example:

You can hear the notes increasing in volume and distorting on the 2nd and 4th bars of this section.

It doesn’t do it on every note if they’re in a row, nor does it do it on the same note in different songs. I’ve tried it with different versions of the BBM as well as different kits with bass. Has anyone come across this before? It doesn’t just do it in the BBM, it does it on the BB itself as well when I sync the project.

** Since I first spoke to people about this I accidentally found a way to correct it. If you put a velocity of 1 on the note directly below the one to be played it evens out the volume and doesn’t increase. The only other way I’d found to fix it was to increase the quantization to the smallest notes I could and put a hit of velocity 1 in between the notes (basically putting in a stop).

Here’s an example where I’ve put the velocity 1 notes below the bass notes. This runs the original song part first then the corrected one.

You can see the velocity 1 notes I’ve put directly under the playing bass notes.

Anyway, if anyone ever comes across this problem (or whether it’s just me) there’s a fix for it here as well. :grinning:

I had a similar problem before playing around with the choke notes. That’s because the samples might be longer than the time you repeat it - so the sound of one note may multiply. What are your settings for choking notes in BB? Does it happen even on the BB itself? And what drumset are you using? Does this drumset have the bass notes in a choke group? Is this group set to non-percussion? Perhaps it could help if you set the polyphony of the bass notes to 1.


Yeah the choke (stop) notes were something that would fix it but to get it small enough to not be too noticeable between each note you have to change the note quantize down to like 128th notes. Waaaay too time consuming when you have heaps to do.

This sample is with the Rock V2 Bass 62-91 kit. I’ve had the same issue with other kits as well. All the bass notes are set to the same choke group. I haven’t tried the polyphony on the bass notes other than the default +inf. As I said, it does it on the BB as well once it’s synced to the card. It’s not just the Manager where it happens.

Your comment of the sound multiplying does make sense and now you’ve mentioned the polyphony perhaps I should try and change it. But if that’s the case it’s strange not too many others have had this happen?

I hadn’t considered the issue of this being from kits where the bass is treated as percussion. Yes, when that it the case, the bass notes will stack, and increase volume. Grouping all the bass notes into a choke group with a polyphony set to 1 should fix the problem.

This is part of the reason why I avoided making kits with basses as percussion.


This is what solved my issue. All the bass notes were in a choke group but setting the polyphony to 1 instead of INF did the trick! :+1:

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