Bass Notes Repeated After Midi Track Ends

Help. I have been using the Beat Buddy to perform live for several years with very few problems until now. Starting a few weeks ago for no apparent reason the Beat Buddy Software and Pedal now endlessly repeat the last bass note played even though those notes are not in the original midi track. It acts like it goes into a looper mode for just the last midi note. Does anyone know a fix for this?

This shouldn’t really be able to happen. However, if you are using one-press songs that have the “full song” in the intro, and then a null loop in the main loop, it is possible that the null loop could contain a note that is triggering a bass sample.

If you are using the one press songs while having this problem, open the null loop in the built in midi editor to see if there is an instrument assigned to the note in the null. If so, move that note to an unsupported note location. This will fix the problem.

Thanks Phil. Yes, I convert all of the band songs to a one-press midi loaded in the Intro space and then load a null file in the Main Loop space. As you suggested, my null file must have become corrupted as I replaced the null file with a silence file and everything is back to normal. Thanks again.