Bass polyphony

Hello! I have been using the BB manager software’s MIDI editor to write / arrange / edit beats.
I would REALLY like to be able to use the kits with bass, but the bass notes all sustain for over a measure and do not “auto-off” when a new note is played, resulting in horrible polyphony.
Is there any way to edit bass note length or to otherwise prevent overlap using the BB manager?
The only setting that I can seem to change for individual notes is velocity (volume).
Mac OS sierra 10.12.3
BBmanager version

You need BBM version and latest f/w. You also need to use NP (non percussion) drum sets.

I am using BBM version and latest f/w. This issue happens with the NP drum sets.
Is there a way to alter it by changing a setting in the BBM MIDI editor?
Or is the “auto-off when next note starts” feature supposed to be encoded in the kit?

Does this happen if you try to play a “with bass” song downloaded from the Forum, or only with your own creations? If so, please give the song title and the kit that you are using. Also, “latest firmware” tells us little. What is the version number of the firmware?

To reply to your specific questions, there is no “auto off” encoding in the kit. IIRC there may be an “enable midi off” command in some firmware versions. There is no “off when next note starts.” In fact, if you have two notes touching or overlapping, only the first will play, as the “note on” is received by the pedal after the “note off.” So you need a bit of space between notes. Bass note length needs to be edited in a midi editor. Many of us use something other than the built-in midi editor.

PJK, see Conversation I opened with you.

Some general takeaways about using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) for one-press bass (OPB) songs:

  • if you created an OPB song with a version earlier than (Mac) or 1.6.5 (Windows), and the bass sounds polyphonic (“stuck” notes), you will need to re-create the song in a newer BBM version. Why? Earlier versions of the BBM did not process note-offs for bass properly and it means you’re stuck with how the BBM saved the bass notes when you play the song in a newer BBM version. If you saved the MIDI file, then just replace the one in BBM with it.
  • making and then Applying any edits using any version of the BBM MIDI Editor will cause the BBM to revert to what might have been a song with properly processed bass note-offs to a song with incorrect bass note-offs.
  • so what is the BBM MIDI Editor good for? I use it to verify that there are no non-supported notes (drums, bass, keys and etc). If I find any, I then use my DAW to correct and then replace the MIDI in the BBM.
  • most of the above has been posted here on the forum in some form or other.

What I did to get around the overlapping of the bass notes in the beginning was to actually edit the bass note Wav files and cut down and
re adjust the fade out on the Wav file so the sustain was not over one measure. Of course this is a perminant change to the drum kit. But for me and the songs I do it works perfectly. Now I Do not have to worry about what software and which version I need to be using. Each note is adjusted to suit the tunes I play. I also pull the gain down a litttle.