Bass sound longer

Hello, I work a lot with bass at the Beatbuddy. Since approx. For two weeks, I notice that the last bass note played sounds longer than desired. Before that, everything worked even though nothing was changed. Can anyone help?

Hey, are you sending/reading the Note off commands? Are the note off events in the midi file the way you want them? Thanks!

Yes im sending the Note off commands. In some drumsets the note is stopping as i wish and in some drumsets the note is playing much longer as i wish.
Yes the note off events in the midi files are correct. I found out in some drumsets i have at my Bass sounds a choke groop 2 but not in all drumsets. Do i have to insert the choke group?
For what is the choke groop?


The notes inside a choke groups are limited to a certain number of simultaneous sounding notes. This is selected by the polyphony setting. If you set it to “1” you won’t hear two notes at the same time. For a triad you have to set at least “3”. But unfortunately I don’t know what “infinite” polyphony is good for.

So you can try this setting to get rid of the unstopped last note. Sometimes this can happen as well if you let the note length exceed the end of the bar. Try a shorter note length in this case.


Hi there,
only shortening the Note before the end of the bar brought the desired success.

Thanks for this tip


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Gern geschehen…
:+1: You’re welcome