Batman theme (Ventures Cover) - all tracks

Here comes our Batman theme (Ventures cover) with Beatbuddy! Yes, we have our long tall drummer now but there are still occasions that we gig with Beatbuddy. Thanks to my 10 year old daughter, who didn’t have school today and spent time and effort in preparing the drums track with Beatbuddy, the bass track and of course, during the filming, she did the solo and i did the rhythm guitar part.

Batman theme (cover) is yet another song we use when new guitar friends come over and want jam with us. Most can jam along instantly as we sometimes create a “Wipe out”, “Batman” and “Let’s go” medley and all of them could play along. Of course, in live gigs, we normally play another song first before we play Batman if there are many kids, yet very few people know the other song in our town, despite the movie(s) could be even bigger than Batman. Can you guess which song it is that we play before Batman yet no one (no kids) knows? hint: the movie and the song have the same name, and they have not met officially but both of them are filthy rich. I think a generous member here has also prepared the .sng file for that action hear movie main theme.

Hope you like our Batman cover! Cheers!


Oh, just in case you are interested in our surf rock covers we do, here comes a link Mina has prepared for you.

Surf rock playlist


Try this version of the riff also. Sounds great. Same fingering for other chords as well

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we must!! thanks!!! ;-))))