Battery operation

I know there are some old threads about battery operation for the BB, but I thought I’d start a new one and will let you know my experience.

I want to run the Maestro from batteries and rather than open it up or cobble together battery packs I thought I’d try this as a solution…

I am going to try a 5v to 9v converter ( ) and use a battery power bank. ( )

Just waiting on the polarity reversing tip to arrive as this device is centre +

There may even be smaller battery power banks that will give less time, but still enough for a four hour show. This is what I have at the mo so I will just use that and investigate smaller packs later :slight_smile:

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For anyone interested (although going by the replies no-one is) it works…if folks actually care about it let me know and I’ll post a pic

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Would be great to see it, yeah :slight_smile:

ok, here ya go…

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