BATTERY option

Part of what I wanted to do when considering the Beat Buddy …was take it with me to work,that way during my 1 hr lunch break …I wouldnt be so bored & could bring the BB with me & THERE I could become even more familiar with the settings & how it performs. - Upon finding out it doesnt take batteries, & only runs on the power cord …I was a bit dissapointed. Because now I can Only use it At Home Only. So I cant speak for anyone else,but for me,Batteries would make this unit slightly better.

This is my own dream as well!!
BeatBuddy 2.0 must have a battery option. Even if purchased separately!

You could always build an external battery :slight_smile:



This (or similar):

These power my BeatBuddy with ease.

But then it becomes too much clutter so to speak. I personally think the extra additional pedal with the 2 switches …should be already on the pedal itself. - Just talkin ways that I think the pedal would be better is all.

How much does it cost & is it available in USA? Thanks!

This is an alternative to the Tecxus:

And this is the DiagonPS05:

The Beat Buddy should be kept as small as possible while still being feature packed. A battery option would add bulk that I think most of us do not want. Especially when there are other solutions, many of which have been given here.

Although most of my pedals can also use batteries, I prefer using my Pedal Power and wall warts to the nuisance of having batteries croak at the worst time possible.

Hello Beat Buddy Friends,
I play solo acoustic 3 hour gigs and a simple 8AA batter pack holder, (Radio Shack or elsewhere) with the proper connector, (Guitar center), a little soldering and heat shrink, and proper polarity, Center is Negative I believe, and you can go for over three hours on a Rechargable AA Charge.I do believe that the Beat Buddy optional foot switch would have room for these 8 AAQ Batteries, and with the right pwr out plug could power the unit. Also the Beat Buddy should have a pause switch built into the unit itself or a remote Microswitch to turn it off that would be placed so the right hand playing the guitar could shut it off. This double click method to turn it off is like a Microsoft PC,Sometimes it works sometimes it does not,