Battery power

I want to make a battery power supply with 8 x 1.2V rechargeable batteries, but then I get a total voltage of 9.6Volt.
Can the Beatbuddy handle that?
If I use 7 x 1.2V I get 8.4, and that seems too low to me.
Does anyone know if this is possible with 9.6 volts?

If it were my BeatBuddy (BB) pedal, I would not try it as Singular Sound warns to never exceed 9v as you risk damaging your pedal.

You can try the 8v+ and see if it will power the pedal.

Contact for additional feedback.

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You might try a silicon diode in series with the batteries connected so it’s forward biased. Silicon diodes typically have a forward biased voltage drop of 0.7v depending on the current drawn. If you have other pedals that you can try first that may be more tolerant of 9 volt power variations, give those a try and measure what is actually delivered to the pedal. The 1N400x silicon diode series is fairly common and cheap.

I have now used 7 batteries, it turns out that the rechargeable ones now deliver 1.3 volts, so I now have 9.3 volts on the meter, and the Beatbuddy works fine with that.
The advantage is that AA batteries have more mAh and are easier to charge.
Thank you for thinking along.:pray::+1:

There are a few pedalboard power supplies that comes with a powerbank feature. Vitoos Battery 8K is one of them, you can find it in Aliexpress.

I use a Falkan 1 as power supply for my effects (Boss GT1 & Boss RC500), but when I connect the Beatbuddy I get digital noise, that’s why I have the Beatbuddy appart. It would be great to have only 1 system, especially one that can be used and charged simultaneously. Can yours do that?

Yes, it can, with 8 isolated outputs it won’t give you any noise, and it can be used while charging. I’m using this Vitoos Battery 8K to power a pedalboard with a BeatBuddy, a Boss GT-1B, a Boss RC-5 and a Boss VE-1. It should provide you at least 3 hours of juice, but no… in my scenario it will last for about 90 minutes at most. Don’t know why. But at least it can be used while charging with no problems, and it’s not expensive.

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You could also run multiple rechargable 9 volt batteries wired in parallel. That would still give you a steady 9 volt (+/- just like ANY power supply or battery rated at 9 volts) but with the capacity to supply that constant 9 volts for a much longer time than a single 9 volt battery. There is no danger in supplying more mAh than required, just like your car engine doesn’t care if you have 1 gallon of gas, or 1000 gallons of gas in your tank. Jet fuel vs gas? Yeah, that could be a problem, just like 9 volts vs 12 volts, or 14 volts, or 24 could be a problem. Just be aware that some, not all, rechargable batteries may have built in regulator circuitry that in some cases can cause noise in audio gear. I currently use both AA and 9 volt rechargables (including one type that warned of possible noise) and I have never had an issue concerning noise or longevity. Plus I have saved a ton of $$$ by not having to buy Alkaline batteries anymore!

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