BB 16.0

I just got the new firmware and you can set the tempo via onsong using this format:
CC106:0, CC107:90
This gives you 90BPM. To get 128, you need to do the following…
CC106:1, CC107:0
So to get 200bpm, use:
CC106:1, CC107:72

You can chain this with your song selection as follows…
(Make sure to disable default tempo on the beatbuddy settings)

My Song Name
Song Artist
MIDI: 0.1:12, CC106:0, CC107:120

Thanks for the info Ruairiau, I also am using OnSong on my iPad. What interface are you using to connect to the iPad?I I also want to select my songs via MIDI but haven’t bought any hardware to do so yet, might as well get something I know will work. Again, many thanks

I’m using the PUC+ (see to connect my iPad to the beatbuddy. Onsong selects the beat and sets the tempo. I’d only advise getting the PUC+ if you’re not going to be using MIDI sync between the iPad and the beat buddy; for that, probably best to use a USB2MIDI cable or some audio interface.

Thanks for the reply, just to be sure, when you say “select the beat”, I assume you mean select a specific beat/song in a specific folder? That is what I want to do. Not sure what you mean when you mention MIDI sync between iPad and BeatBuddy…sorry a bit of a newbie to MIDI

OK, think I figured it out, the Puc+ only transmits MIDI commands to the BeatBuddy while other hardware options would allow transmit and receive. Thanks again for exploring the MIDI capabilities of the BeatBuddy.


Devices can have a MIDI clock; it’s used to keep them in sync. Your beat buddy has a MIDI clock and other things can sync with it for example a loop pedal - simply connect the MIDI OUT of the beat buddy to the MIDI IN of the loop pedal.
Your iPad can also be a MIDI clock; apps like OnSong, Loopy HD and hundreds other can sync a MIDI clock with either the iPad being the MIDI clock source or your beat buddy. However, this requires a lot of data being streamed really fast, much too fast for the PUC+. So for this, I suggest using a USB2MIDI cable or some sort of hardware that has MIDI.

No, as I said above it’s to do with the amount of data. The PUC+ has to connectors; a MIDI 5 PIN DIN connector that can be set to be either MIDI IN or MIDI OUT. It also has a micro USB connector that can do 2 way MIDI.

Got it, many thanks for the information, appreciate it

I’m using mostly for the improved midi editor and to experiment with the no-note-limit features.

The new midi editor is terrific - I thought the visuals made it really easy to see the structure of the song and edit the notes. A few suggestions:

  1. the editor suggested I quantize the notes so I could easily follow the beats and measures. That worked great but it was unclear how to re-humanize the notes. Perhaps that happens automatically within the editor? If not, can you make that selectable to happen automatically or add a button?

  2. I didn’t see how to insert a short measure (e.g. a 3/4 measure in a 4/4 song). Creating a triplet was really easy - thanks for that!! Suggest having similar tools to create a short measure.

I haven’t experimented with the no-note-limit yet, that will probably be tomorrow’s adventure.

Thanks to the BB staff and managers for continuing to improve a terrific product.

I am not sure there is a way currently, but you are right. We should have this option in. We are still working on completing both this version of the software and the documentation.

Stopping at the measure you are trying to edit would be nice…
then continue from there to the next ‘issue’ ! :wink:

adding & deleting measures with the editor is another useful idea .