BB 16.0

I was just updating some tunes & ran across this ‘beta’ dl notice in the BBmgr update window
…but I can’t find it !
Is it available or not ? …nice b’day present if so … :wink:

Seems like previously unreleased Beta:

( )

…and I think Ill give it a try... Im also using previously unreleased 1.75 on BB pedal. It`s awesome…

I’m in !! :wink:
just sent you an email.

Hi @Dennis
I also have the latest beta for the firmware, but I’m not actually sure what the new features are. :slight_smile: What benefits are you getting from the new firmware? :slight_smile:

Do you mean new FW for Manager or pedal?
The new Pedal FW gives you song select per Midi PCs, a Tap Tempo CC (not sure wich #, Im not in front of BB atm), theres a CC sent while changing to next songpart(you can decide if, or if not sent) and some Midi routing/filtering stuff (dont know if thats the right words…, just press Tempo and Drum Set knobs together and go to Main Pedal-Midi settings, to have a look…)
For Manager FW, Im not sure, cause not enough time to try atm. What Ive seen is there is Midi Editor in the Top Line, but it was greyed out, so I could not try… (not enough time ATM:(, but will try soon…)

Hello everybody,
where can i download the beta firmware or can anybody send it to me?


You have to contact support…:wink:

Beta means that it has not been fully tested so before requesting it I suggest only advanced users try it and know at least how to restore their BB back to how it was in case there are issues. Any new features especially midi are undocumented so there has to be a level of experimentation and understanding as there won’t be much support. I would leave testing to the beta team and wait for the official version to be released very soon.

Hello Psalm40,
what means … released very soon?

Exactly that - “very soon”. Can’t be any more specific as it is not up to me.

do you know anybody who can tell it more specific?

We do not have a specific date set yet, as we are still developing the firmware features. What we have now seems to be fairly stable, so we may just release it within the next few weeks, while we continue working on the rest of the features for the next firmware version. If you want it now, you can just email - and I will give it to you.

does anybody know which midi command i need to change songs?

midi channel 1 / song 001
midi channel 1 / song 150

Psalm…will you be doing a midi Control tutorial???

You can allready select song with a PC command (PC number same as Song number) within a folder, in the new beta FW…
If there were a LSB/MSB feature, you could also select Folder/Song… (lets hope, since they´re allready working on Midi controll…)

Dennis they have MSB and LSB noted for selecting tempo (M106 and L107) under the Control Change menu, so perhaps it may also recognise it for song selection too???..however until I get my midi cable I cannot test to see exactly what data is needed for the third byte in that equation (re tempo which can be a bit more awkward than straight out PC - afaik, tempo would need more data bytes) although it should be pretty easy for song select if it follows MIDI convention :slight_smile: .

Unlikely as currently I don’t understand how I would implement this myself. At first I thought it would be useful to control the Beatbuddy from the IPad but as I have a folder of songs which I add to weekly, the midi number to select any song would change as well. I would have to change the way I currently do things - maybe I will just use it for tempo control, but I am waiting for the official release and the instruction manual before attempting anything.

yeah that makes sense…with me it’s different as I won’t be using BB for “set” songs…I’ll just be using many different beats as I play most of the basslines and keys live. So selecting a beat using UB and the iPad will work nicely :slight_smile:

I’ve had the beta FW for a while now but just stumbled across the song selection over the weekend by pure chance. Anyhoo, if you’re using an iPAD with Onsong here’s how it works; simply edit a song to be like this…

My Song Name
Song Artist
MIDI: 0.1:12

I have my onsong set to send the MIDI clock as well so I simply navigate to a song on OnSong and my BeatBuddy is configured instantly and ready to play.

The MIDI command above is as follows:

MIDI: 0.:<Patch -1 >

So if you want to select Blues 1 which is in Bank 1, patch 1 you’ll need to use the following…

MIDI: 0.0:0

Hope that helps everyone.